Pacific Emergency Vehicles Inc. was established in 1991.

Our primary purpose: to focus specifically on the sales and service of quality emergency vehicles. In particular, ambulances and aid cars.

Our goal: little or no down time for those entrusting us with their needs.

Based on many years of experience in the Northwest as well as the Midwest (Chicago area), we quickly came to recognize the need for a less convoluted, and more focused, establishment. This ultimately became a significant consideration with a great deal of thought and design, throughout the ten years prior our 1991 origin.

Our history, previous to the founding of Pacific Emergency Vehicles, Inc., included working with other successful fire and ambulance sales organizations who were vested in multiple emergency industry areas. These multiple diversions, while all vital in need, and typical in the emergency industry, frequently divided our attention. Our “best efforts” were often frustrated by urgent needs in multiple areas, predictably, at the same time.

Our overall stated objective, inherently supports our desire to build strong and dependable foundations essential for long term relationships developed within the community of Fire and Emergency Services in the Pacific Northwest. The success of Pacific Emergency Vehicles, Inc. since our inception over 17 years ago, has been the natural result of concentrating to this end.

We work closely with many distributors and suppliers of most emergency equipment components and are able to ascertain and acquire specific and potentially unusual, as well as the typical parts and supplies that may be needed to accommodate most any situation quickly and reliably.

It has long been our adage that an ambulance is a lot longer old than it is new. With that in mind, and knowing full well lives may depend on the ambulances we design and deliver, it is our goal, for every ambulance and aid car we deliver, to have little or no down time through its lifetime of service. To that end, we are determined to work to see that every ambulance or emergency aid car we deliver, be as reliable to you on the last day in service as it is on the first day when it was new.

In keeping with our goals, we have established a long term healthy relationship with Medtec® Ambulance. Since their inception in 1974, Medtec® has been at the forefront of custom design and innovative productions with their primary focus on safety and reliability. Medtec® Ambulance had national prominence in the emergency vehicle industry, and was already a recognized authority in ambulance and emergency vehicle innovations and quality construction when they caught the eye of Oshkosh® Corporation in 2000. They subsequently joined the Oshkosh specialty vehicle family which had secured a permanent relationship with Pierce® “Fire Apparatus” Corporation in 1996. It was a natural embrace for a company with the overall goals to establish a dominant worldwide successful rank in the specialty vehicles industry.

Oshkosh® Corporation was founded in 1916. Their overall premise was to design and manufacture the toughest specialty vehicles that could be constructed, on the International Transportation scene. To that end, in the last 90 years, they have matured into an International Fortune 500 global leader in the World Specialty Vehicle marketplace.

For us, Pacific Emergency Vehicles, Inc., located in the Pacific Northwest, as well as all of our Medtec consumers, this familial relationship has garnered some additional benefits not previously recognized or even understood. In addition to the obvious, better pricing in a relatively small marketplace, we have the immediate attention of chassis manufacturers, Emergency Lighting Manufacturers, Suspension and Engine Designers, etc. When you, our consumer need immediate assistance, above and beyond our local and on-sight support, it is more readily available. We have found these interrelated affiliations to be of great value to us when there is a need. The quicker recognition of the extended Oshkosh family has helped us realize our primary goal to make certain your experience with your Medtec Ambulance is as dependable and pleasant as it can be.

If we have already met, and you currently operate a Medtec Ambulance – we look forward to hearing from you, even if just to catch up on things. If you have any questions or a need for service or parts whether ambiguous or not, please give us a call. We have 3 service outlets in various Northwest locations, as well as several satellite service outlets available for on sight service if you have need. If you are looking for an ambulance, aid / emergency vehicle please ring us up or send an email through our contact page on this sight. We are happy to bring a demonstrator ambulance for a close up hands-on look and test drive while discussing your needs. Detailed specifications and cad engineer drawings are also available.

Wendy Lemieux, President
Pacific Emergency Vehicles, Inc.

Bob Lemieux, V.P./Sec.
Sales Manager
Pacific Emergency Vehicles, Inc.