About Us

Pacific Emergency Vehicles, Inc. has been in the ambulance sales and service industry since 1991. Our owners/operators have a combined investment of over forty years of related professional experience in the emergency vehicle business. Pacific Emergency Vehicles and Medtec Ambulance have been working together for 14 of those years.

The loyalty, respect and committment with our customers as well as our manufacturer is second to none and is foundational to our success in delivering custom ambulances that are correct, functional as well as nice looking/clean and dependable.

Each day and almost every aspect of this industry is unique and brings new adventure and innovation. The Northwest is at the forefront of originality with custom ambulance design and critical function.

After all these years, we have come to the conclusion there are very few standard requests. Every location, every need varies.

Medtec starts with the vision understanding the “spirit” up front. If you are looking for an ambulance, whether Custom or simple in design, please give our team a call. We look forward to the opportunity to share some of our unique designs and experiences with your department or service.

We have on site service personnel for the unique service application we have in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! We look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy Lemieux, President
Bob Lemieux, Secretary