The construction process for Medtec ambulances is unparalleled in it’s attention to detail.

Our motto, “An Ambulance is a whole lot longer old than it is new” helps define our reasoning when purchasing the top quality merchandise and parts, as well as quality certified and trained personnel employed by Medtec to fulfill each unique order.

This process and each ambulance by Medtec, is backed by the most extensive warranties in the industry.

We build each unit rock-solid, with a specially-designed body mounting system, all structural cross members at 12” on center, and seamless sidewalls. Additional side impact beams are welded into place, for added strength and to also secure seatbelts at the squad bench and CPR seat.

A one piece crowned roof facilitates water runoff and keeps ice from building up, on top of the unit.

All exterior compartment and entry doors are constructed of a single piece of .125” aluminum and then formed into double pan doors that are reinforced and insulated, for added strength and stability – and optimum sound deadening.

Each inner door liner panel is recessed and all exterior compartments have a sweep-out floor design. These “user friendly” features aid in quick . . easy equipment removal, and ease in cleaning these primary areas of the ambulance.

Justification for the top quality merchandise and parts utilized, as well as our labor intensive preconstruction process on each individual order is governed by our primary goal which is to keep all of our Medtec Ambulances “in service all the time”. As little down time as possible through out the life of the medic unit.

An example of this is highest quality aluminum alloys we utilize. The 6061-T6 for extruded framework which is defined by aluminum suppliers as typical for aircraft landing mats, truck bodies, marine equipment, frames and structural components.

Medtec uses the 5052H32 alloy for the full sheets. The 5052 alloy is defined by aluminum suppliers as the highest strength in the NON-heatable alloys. 5052 has higher fatigue strength than most alloys and has excellent corrosion resistance and workability.

Many other ambulance manufacturers use 6063 aluminum alloy. This alloy is not as strong as 6061- (as noted, the choice by Medtec), but is low cost. Typical applications for the 6063 are window and door frames.

There are many areas within and about our construction process and designs that are similar in purpose. As you read through our website and each specification please look into our warranty. The final component in all of our system, is to back up our intent with a long term warranty.

Detailed warranty is listed and includes Lifetime on the Ambulance Module Structure, Lifetime on the standard Medtec Electrical System, Ten years / 50,000 miles on the paint. Items directly related to the durability and appearance of the topcoat (gloss, color retention and cracking) will be covered one hundred percent (100%) for the entire ten (10) years.

We keep safety at the top of our list. Building the best product out there provides that safety for you and your fleet, and helps you do your job to the best of your ability.