Type III

Type III is a full sized, high featured ambulance, with plenty of storage and patient area. It’s got the space you need inside and out, for you to do your job as quickly and easily as possible. With a long list of standard options, it’s high on value and quality, and will keep you on the road.

A wide range of cabinet designs and fabrication materials are available – whether it’s wood, aluminum, or Sentra that fits the bill. We design it, the way you need it – to properly meet your needs. And we always use high end, Matte or Polished formica finishes on all of the interior cabinets for ease of cleaning and durability. And our optional Restocking feature, on the interior cabinet doors makes getting ready for that next run, a breeze!

While your working to assist and save those lives – for your added protection, this unit comes standard with 5” reinforced radius corners on the interior cabinets, along with vertical and horizontal padding in all the proper locations.

The cushions are EVS vacuum sealed to avoid the spread of blood born diseases and to aid in effective ease of cleaning. Not only do they protect you and your fleet, but they also have the added benefit of being cosmetically pleasing – and make the appearance of your rig stand out above the rest.

Electronics are hand built specifically for the options, that your crew needs with loads of extras available for your choosing.

The PD 156” is one of our most popular – with the custom Extended cab with added head room above, and an abundant amount of storage behind the seats. It’s an aerodynamic supercab with enough room overhead for glove boxes, jump kits, or radio equipment.

But whether you need a box that’s 146” long, 156” long, 160” long, 168” long or 170” long – and whether you prefer a Ford, Chevy, or GMC, chassis. We will build what you need, to get your job done, better than ever!